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Andre Ramirez

Andre Ramirez
Member Since 06/25/2015
Andre Ramirez has earned the respect as one of the best sports bettors of all times. Andre Ramirez is the stockbroker of the Sports Handicapping World, that said, uses Statistics and intangible information in order to beat the Sports Books. Andre is featured in the Vegas Tip Sheet which is distributed in the Venetian, The M, The Hard Rock, The Palms, and other sports books in Las Vegas. Andre has been featured in newspapers such as the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and the LA Times, due to his insight on the games. In 2002 Andre moved to Costa Rica, where he developed revolutionary software for a Sports book Casino called Win All Your Bets. Andre has built major ties with Sports books, and Bookmaker's through out the Islands, and has tapped into exclusive resources unavailable to the general public. He uses connections from Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Costa Rica along with second to none Sports book sources to maximize profits and minimize expenditures. In 2011 Andre developed a new software for calculating the totals of College Basketball and Football. The analytical software is one of kind, and is similar to the software stockbrokers use to analyze stocks, and charts. It has been the ultimate reason why Andre has been able to maximize profits in total combine scores of the game. Andre has taken Sports Handicapping to the Next Level like no handicapper has yet to do. Building bankrolls one day at a time!

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