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Chris James Sports is an honest and reliable sports handicapping website. Let me say that again.....honest and reliable! Those two words are very important to me, and they should be to you too if your looking for sports information. I've been around this business for a long time and I've connected with a lot of people in this industry and I use those contacts to provide winning information to my clients!! I will not win for you every day. I will not win every week. I will not win every month. But I will win for you consistently over the long term, and in this business that's what it's about. Don't let anyone sell you hopes and dreams, and game of years and decades and centuries, and they don't come through for you, all while taking your hard earned money. At Chris James Sports, if you purchase a package and it doesn't show a profit, the next package of the same value is FREE! I stand by my work! That's because I'm on every game with you! I only release plays that I personally play! I would never ask someone to risk their hard earned money if I wasn't willing to do it with them!

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