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Don Anthony

Don Anthony
Member Since 05/20/2016
Don Anthony is one of the best handicappers in the business. Whether it is the NBA, NCAA, NHL, MLB, or the NFL, Don consistently shows a profit through his hard work and viable sources. He has formed a network from sources inside teams and organizations that gives him an overwhelming advantage against the books. Don, a college graduate, mathematician, and athlete, refers to his methods as "ALL" handicapping. As in; situational, tactical, technical, and statistical analysis. From being a highly competitive collegiate athlete, this gives him first hand knowledge on how players and teams, mentally and physically, go through a given season. Combining this with his highly successful math models and information given from sources, it makes Don one of the most sought out handicappers in the country. These factors have enabled him to frequently provide winners and hit an astounding 14 straight ATS winners this year. He confidently stands by his selections and plays all the games he releases to his clients. Money management is key to being successful in sports handicapping. 1* represents 1% of your bankroll. Plays are rated 7*-1*: 7* The #1 and Biggest play of the season. 5*-4* Game of Year, Month, Week. 3*-2* Strongest games of the day. 1* Free plays. If you are looking for someone who is hardworking, passionate, and cares about all his clients, then Don Anthony is your man.

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