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Inside Edge Picks (Jeff White)

Inside Edge Picks (Jeff White)
Member Since 10/15/2015
Our team has developed great relationships and trust with some of the most respected individuals who keep a very low profile and share information with very few people. These are a handful of wiseguys that sportsbooks pay attention to what teams they are putting money on as a gauge to see where they may have made a mistake on a line they have set so they can re-adjust the line to protect themselves. We have a very reliable and experienced network nationwide of contacts. These contacts supply us with very valuable inside information that isn’t published and isn’t public knowledge. Our Expert handicappers factor this valuable inside information into their analysis of the games. Our team has over 16 years of experience in sports wagering and winning profits year after year. Our team of experts spend multiple hours studying and breaking down game film. We look for player and coaching mismatches we can use to our advantage. We study coaching schemes and tendencies of both players and coaches to gain an even greater advantage. We study every team to find each team’s strength’s and weaknesses so we can find things a given team will exploit and we can exploit the number to make money. Stop wasting your hard earned money on these other dart throwing services who consistently lose. We exercise strict money management as well as this is all about winning and making money long-term. We don’t offer Game’s of the week, month, or year, these are term other services offer that are nothing more than marketing BS to sell you garbage picks. If you are serious about making money and seeing a return on your investment then you have come to the right place as the experts at Inside Edge Picks will make you money!

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