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About Danny Oliver Known as “The Man with the Plan”, born and raised in Brooklyn New York. As a teen Danny was to inherit his father’s Computer Mentality, Danny saw value in land and real estate, so he moved to The Desert in 1992. for the quality of Life and value of land in the 1990’s. Because Danny believe in the quality of Desert Real estate, he soon used his investment strategy, buying land and selling it to top socialites in 2 Counties. With a vast network of investors, from A-list Celebrities, to Major ball players, and top film producers, of all investors Danny did business with, a group known as The Desert Players Club, was whom he found most intriguing. They were a group of investors who made their money with sports information Throughout the Southwest and parlayed their winnings into the real estate with Danny. As a man who values quality, Danny soon realized real estate was not the only industry where quality lead to profits. In the world of sports information, Danny learned it too has a relative relationship, which led to a perfect trade-off. With this, it opened the door for Danny and his contacts over the years, to obtain quality sports information. Now adding to his portfolio, Many different contacts in the sporting world from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States, his direct access to “The Desert Club Players”; The Man with the Plan, brings his savvy business sense and his keen eye for quality information to the P.O.D.S Network.

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