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Rocky Sheridan
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Rocky is the owner/operator of Primetime Sports Advisors and has been handicapping and researching college and pro sports for over 20 years. Rocky has had Big Winning Seasons in Major League Baseball the last 5 seasons. Top 5 Finishes in College Basketball in 2008, 2009, 2010 and in 2011. Several Top 10 Finishes in College and NFL Football. Rocky, relies heavily on angles, along with statistical and situational analysis when handicapping a game and has several successful systems that he uses in baseball and basketball. It takes discipline and a good money management strategy to be successful. Rocky's picks are all rated equally. With over 20 years of sports handicapping experience and working with various trusted sources, Rocky has proven without a doubt that his ability to pick winners combined with his money management strategy, simply puts his clients in the best possible position to profit over the long term. Rocky has been providing a consistent winning product for his clientele for over 20 years and the proof is in the numbers. Let Rocky show you how hard work along with honesty and integrity equal long term profits!

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