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Sean Higgs has been crushing 'The Man' since the early '90s. If you are trying to beat the sportsbooks with stats, trends, and angles you are not going to have a lot of success if you do not know how to apply them. That is Sean Higgs' specialty. If you follow Sean's advice by playing his selections you are going to find yourself making a decent second income from gambling. Vegas' Best Handicapping Secret He doesn't place bets just because a game is on TV or invovles high profile teams. He shoots for value. If you are working full-time, have a family, or have other interests then you can't possibly put in the time required to win at sports-betting . Consistant Winning Record Year in, and Year out, 'Mr. Money' grinds out a profit. Higgs isn't in this for the thrill of some big wins, Sean wins consistantly, throughout the year. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, hop on board with Sean Higgs and start cashing NOW

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