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Showtime Shawn

Showtime Shawn
Member Since 10/02/2015
My Name is Shawn Bensley I am 41 years old, I have been gambling on Sports for 27 years of my 41 years. I am married with 6 awesome Children and a 1 year old Grand Daughter. I grew up betting on games. As a kid all I wanted to do was to watch Sports of any kind didn`t matter what it was, as long as i could get action down. My Dad used to put Sports bets in for me through his Bookie, and let me bet my allowance. I didn`t want to go to the Toy Stores like my brothers and buy toys I wanted to bet Sporting events, and by the time i was 21 i was smashing the local Bookies, doubling, Tripling my bankroll and sometimes even a lot more than that! My focus in Life is my Family, Jesus, and after that I eat, sleep, and drink Sports and Handicapping! My approach to winning picks varies, and i can`t give away all my secrets or I wouldn`t be in business, but I use Trends, Match ups, angles and motivation, and how teams are playing. Some of my past accomplishments are Graduating at Ashford University in Sports Marketing and Management with a 3.9 GPA, as well i made The Deans list 4 times. My number one Sports Handicapping moment was hitting a 9 team parlay, and cashed out $6540 on a $20 wager. I hit 3 or 4 team Parlays and teasers regularly but that 9 teamer was special. I also finished 3rd out of 100 of the best Handicappers in the world on the WagerLine Handicaping contest. My short term goal is to win my Clients money and conquer their bookie like I do and have them spread my name, my teammates and my company reputation so widely that no one will ever look anywhere else for Sports Picks. My personal Long Term Goal is to be on the Top Of All Leader-boards at Sportswatchmonitor,com and build a 7 figure bankroll. No one can win them all , but I will accept nothing but positive results for me, my team , my Company and my Clients, and I will stop at nothing to accomplish my goals.

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