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The Football Oracle
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The Football Oracle is not your typical Las Vegas handicapper. Based out of Orange County, California, the oracle is a successful business owner, family man, and sports fan, with what can only be described as a god-given ability to accurately predict football games. Using a combination of statistical analysis and a gut instinct that simply can’t be taught, the oracle has built up a proven track record for 9 consecutive years. With a large bankroll on top of his full-time business, he hasn’t had a need, or the time, to make a website and offer his picks to the world. As such, until now, only his close friends were able to benefit from his picks. In December of 2015, the oracle overheard the bartender at his favorite bar talking about a string of unsuccessful sports bets, and offered to help. Over the next two months, the oracle gave him 14 picks, with 13 of them being correct. Following the oracle’s advice, he quickly turned $500 into over $8,000. Working at the bar only part-time, the bartender offered to create and run a website offering these picks to the world. The two have since partnered up and are crushing the competition.

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