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We our consulting group that watches and monitors lines, from each betting house. We also specialize in monitors social sites to see where public money is going. We have a group of (8) handi cappers who gather info all over social media sites to give the best break down of a game. We also do in house live sin-arrows of games, to give us the best break downs, on how game will be played out, and what advantages each individual players will give a team on what the line is based on. Year after year you see the name brand handi cappers being pushed thru social sites and phones calls, but do they ever win? "NO" They our frauds, they push the lines one way and then they attack the other side...Its called day trading, lots stock markets do it. You know what the line should be then you have the public push it for you, then you got what you need to get both sides, then you hope for bigger return on that right number to hit.... But see we dont call our customers and pressure them into making our lines. We have are customers bet what we bet, we dont give you fraudulent info. We give actual truth. We dont win them all but we do better than 62% on the year. We educate you we teach about money management. We teach you when to double, and triple your bank roll.

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