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Native of the Pacific Northwest – Former ball player - turned Handicapper. I have earned a living working for a family company in a different field. The benefit of this; is that I have been given the flexibility and most importantly the time to follow and study sports - which are an undeniable true passion of mine. During this time I have developed systems and strategies that generally enable me to find value where others cannot. Thus the creation of Tom Kennedy Sports. Having lived and breathed all things sports my entire life, this has been a natural career path that has only come onto the scene recently, but has been years in the making. I am currently handicapping Men’s College BB – And a lot of it! I study almost each and every game nightly and therefore offer more advice then your average handicapper- I have pages upon pages of notes and stats on each team that date back years. This creates thorough content. I am hitting all these bets at a professional level. I have played sports successfully throughout my twenties and the personal experience that has given me is an invaluable tool in this business! My hope is to earn your trust and be the man you check with before placing your money anywhere. Good luck to all!

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