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GamePlan is back for another exciting year of winning action. Not only have they provided the best college and NFL preview magazines for 44 years, but they have been supplying winning sports picks as well! They cater to the small $100/player as well as the bigger players. GamePlan Executive Sports Picks are money in the bank and have been for many, many years in the past and will continue to be in the future. Check out their play today and don't miss one more winner! GamePlan’s EXECUTIVE SPORTS PICKS are back for the 2016 season! For over 44 years GamePlan has provided winning season after winning season for all of our personal clients. The fact is, if you play ALL of our selections at the proportion they tell you to play them, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. It’s that simple. Whether you sign up for the day, weekend, week, month or for the full season they GUARANTEE you success AND profit. Our EXECUTIVE SPORTS PICKS are rated for strength based on how much they like each particular game: 6*, 8*, 10* (TOP-PLAY)

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