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A long time ago I was just like you. I would bet and I would lose. I would win some bets but eventually lose everything. It wasn't until I developed an algorithm. Things literally changed for me over night. I started to actually beat sports betting. My computer model, my experience and passion for sports is no match for the bookies. For the past 12 years now I've felt like I'm a walking casino. I have the edge. I win slowly but surely. My bankroll grows and grows. Eventually I quit my job which allowed me to spend more time with my family and my dog :) My goal in life is to help others less fortunate and rescue as many abused dogs as I possibly can. I can accomplish this with the money I make from sports betting. A very sharp sports bettor once told me theirs two classes of citizens in the sports betting world, those with the good models and everyone else. 99% of people who bet sports lose including touts (people who sell picks) It's the truth. I Win. And I want you to Win. If you bet my picks I can assure you things will start to change for you!

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